Nemot Lore

Dive into the world of The Nemots and gain a deeper understanding of the cards, and characters:
Stoney's Gifts, a forgotten corner store in the Silverdale Mall, houses a true oddity: Gus, the prize cow turned fortune-telling eight ball. Once a mere honorable mention in a cattle show, Gus has now been imbued with a new sense of purpose, his body able to answer any yes or no question put to it. But, despite his newfound abilities, Gus is still unsure of himself, his past failures still looming over him.
It was on the fateful evening when the mall was permeated by green energy that Gus found himself drawn to the mall, and close enough to the blast radius to be transformed. As he stepped out of the shadows of Stoney's Gifts, a low moo can be heard. He was no longer just a cow, but a cow with a mission.
As he wandered the mall, a strange rumbling sound caught his attention, and he shook his body, his cowbell clanging and echoing through the halls. Posing the question in his head, "Should I investigate the strange noise?" The answer came to him from the depths of his liquid-filled body: "Oh yeah, great idea ya dingus." Failing to understand sarcasm, Gus ventured deeper into the mall, eager to uncover the source of the mysterious noise.
Deep beneath the Silverdale Mall, in a natural cave system, Stedmire, a young and innocent bat, sleeps, dreaming of heroic deeds and saving the world. But his peaceful slumber is interrupted by a loud crash that echoes through the cavern. The other bats flee, flapping their way out of the cave and into the night. But Stedmire, unaware of the impending danger, remains in his dream world.
He awakens to a metallic clang, and adhesive bandages pour out from his...shoulders? Confused and disoriented, he tries to make sense of what has happened to him. As he looks at his reflection in a nearby puddle, he sees that his body has been transformed, bandaged and covered in metal.
But there is no time for contemplation, as a blood-curdling shriek echoes from deeper in the cavern. Stedmire's instincts kick in and he takes flight, flapping his wings and exposing his fangs as a Swiss army knife-bodied goat charges towards him. He knows he must first save himself before he can worry about saving the world. With a fierce determination, Stedmire fights for survival in this new and dangerous world.
Gertie, a young unicorn, has always been obsessed with learning. But as a creature of magic, she had to keep her existence a secret from the human world, making it difficult for her to receive a formal education. That is, until her 18th birthday when her family provided her with her first human book, "The Joys of ABC." From that moment on, she became a voracious reader, devouring books of all kinds and earning the nickname "bookworm" amongst her friends. Eventually, she left the wilds of Wilderwoodland Regional Park and settled into a tent in a sporting goods store inside Silverdale Mall. Every night, she would sneak into the bookstore and read until sunrise.
It was on the fateful evening of the incident, when an energy ball from beyond wreaked havoc in the mall, that Gertie was fused with the book she was reading, "Nine Lives: A Cat's Biography." With the gift of literature, she now has the ability to create second editions of herself and others. But despite her newfound powers, her ultimate goal is to finish every battle and settle back down with a good book. Maybe one day she will achieve that dream, but for now, she fights on.
Salmon, the resident doggo of Cooper's Pet Shop, was fast asleep on the evening of the incident. Known for his love of fish, the staff had jokingly named him Salmon. But as the green extraterrestrial energy flowed through the mall, Salmon's dreams were filled with chasing cars. As he bit down on a squeaky toy, he suddenly woke up and realized that the animals around him had been transformed into monstrous creatures. Panicking, he broke out of his cage and ran towards the Food Court, seeking refuge behind a counter at the Burger Stand.
But the energy was following him and the next thing he knew, he emerged from the rubble of the burger stand, his body transformed into a half-dog, half-burger creature. His dog appendages, patty with cheese, and sesame seed bun body, was a sight to behold. He doesn't remember how it happened, but he knew one thing for sure, he was no longer a mere pet dog. He now had a new mission, to survive in this new and dangerous world.
Sir Winkles was a mystery cat, with no known history or background. He was found in a cage on the front steps of the Silverdale Mall, with a name scrawled on a piece of paper, but nothing else to indicate who had left him there or even his age. He was a timid and nervous cat, easily frightened by even the smallest of creatures, which made it difficult for Cooper's Pet Shop to find him a home.
But Sheila, the manager of the pet shop, saw something special in Sir Winkles, a heart of gold hidden beneath his fear. On the night of the incident, Sheila made a promise that if Sir Winkles was not adopted the next day, she would adopt him herself. As she left the shop, she placed her favorite coffee mug on the desk and turned off the lights.
Sir Winkles was huddled in his corner, meowing nervously, when the energy enveloped him. He opened his eyes to find himself wearing Sheila's mug, and panicked. He thought that Sheila would never adopt a thief, but as he saw a strange creature pass by the front of the store, he realized that this was his chance. He convinced himself that he had rescued the mug from a thief, and was determined to pass the message of his heroism along to Sheila in the morning through meows and purrs. But as fate would have it, the night never seemed to end and he was left to face the unknown alone.
Sally Vargas had only owned a miniature pig, Pinky, for 4 weeks, but that was all it took for her to go from owner to seller. It all started with a small incident involving a trashed house, angry parents, and a pig that was solely responsible for the mess. There was no return policy for the pet pig, and as the adults argued over the transaction and stormed out, Pinky was left scared and alone, cowering in a corner.
It was on that fateful evening, when the strange energy engulfed the Silverdale Mall, that Pinky was fused with a piece of cake, a red velvet with buttercream frosting. Pinky's ability to trash a place now became their strongest ability as they fought alongside the Cooper's Pet Shop group against the onrushing Nemots. Pinky threw obstacles in their way and provided a sugar rush to their allies through their icing.
As the fight raged on into the morning, Pinky realized that having an owner was not as important as having a newfound purpose. No longer just a pet pig, Pinky had become a warrior, fighting for survival in this new and dangerous world.
Lenny, a small rodent, had managed to escape from Cooper's Pet Shop by hiding in a backpack and then taking shelter in a pair of sneakers at the Feetz Shop. He was relieved to see the last customers leaving the store and was ready to sneak out himself when the strange energy engulfed the mall. Unfortunately, Lenny got fused with the very sneaker he was hiding in, making him a target of the various strange creatures that appeared in the Feetz Shop.
Lenny quickly laced up his back and rushed towards the incoming creatures, using his speed to deliver a punishing barrage of slaps. Despite being stuck in Silverdale Mall, Lenny was free from the confines of the pet shop and was determined to help his team in any way he could. He used his small size to blend into the crowd and his energetic nature to pump up his teammates as they fought for survival.
Georgia, the goat, was running for their life as the strange energy engulfed the Silverdale Mall. They were working at the Sloan Pizzeria and as they attempted to avoid a puddle of spare olive oil on the floor, they slid and rammed into the back wall, causing a clock to fall on top of them. As they stumbled back to their feet, a Hoochmoose rammed into them with its antlers, causing them to go flying.
But Georgia was not one to give up so easily. They quickly used their new found ability to speed up time, making it difficult for the Hoochmoose to keep track of them as they moved into battle. The clock on their side now read "It's always quitting time somewhere", but for Georgia, it was never quitting time. They were determined to fight for survival in this new and dangerous world.
Ricky runs a small food stand at the Silverdale Mall, where he serves his famous "CornyDogs." The stand is like an island, separate from the rest of the mall's food court, and it's where Ricky deep fries hotdogs on a stick, coated in cornmeal, for a few hours a day. There's always a modest line of kids, hopping out briefly from the arcade, to eat the buttery, oily concoctions. Ricky often saves one of the corndogs for himself to have at the end of the day and sometimes, though not often, Ricky will forget and leave one overnight on the stand, for which the mice are thankful.
The incident happened on one such night, Ricky's delicious corndog fused with Felgrove, a lovable but dumb dog who Cooper's Pet Shop was finding it difficult to sell. Felgrove, in his love of food, had a tendency to be rambunctious during feedings, knocking over the kid handing him a treat, biting the hand of a trainer attempting to train him in etiquette, or even sometimes breaking free and stealing food from the Food Court. So naturally, whatever the cause of this energy, the fact that Felgrove now WAS a food he would often snatch up and eat had a tinge of irony to it.
As Felgrove acclimated himself to his new, peculiar shape, he heard the growl of the territorial Scottish terrier Class. He knew now he would have to.
The incident at the Silverdale Mall had fused Wilford with the coveted Jackson-Thorrup RX-5800 Boombox, transforming him into a strange and powerful creature. As he surveyed his new body, he could feel the power emanating from it, and knew that he would have to use it to defend himself from the other strange creatures that had emerged from the energy. He quickly learned how to control his new abilities, using his loud quacks as a weapon and hiding behind cover to avoid detection. As he navigated the mall, Wilford knew that he would have to be careful, for he was now a valuable prize for any of the other creatures that roamed the mall. But he was determined to survive and find a new home, perhaps a new lake, to call his own.
There was no light quite as powerful as the Stedstun H-400. No one quite remembers who left it in the security room, but once it was there, all three of the guards would lay claim to ownership of it. As Gil, the morning shift guard, was heading off on the morning of the fateful incident, he had intentionally hidden the flashlight from others. As he walked out in the early afternoon, he reconsidered his placement, but shrugged it off; no one would think to look above his locker and behind the small glass tank that housed Filet, his pet fish. No, it was fine…no one pays attention to Filet.
Quite right he was. In fact, Filet might have been the only ‘rescue fish’ in the tri-state area. As such, Filet was just a simple fish; gray and average in every regard. But…that evening, as the H-400 fused with Filet, causing the glass tank to burst, Filet became a special fish: the Fishlight.
Glowing from the inner hue and shining out into the darkness, Filet embarked into the Silverdale Mall, and the unknown, and, seeing as now Filet was capable of swimming in the air as if it were water, perhaps the record books?
The van parked in the Silverdale Mall parking lot was a decrepit and rusted vehicle, its tie-dye paint job and broken wood paneling an ominous presence in the otherwise bright and well-lit lot. The van belonged to Harmony Fields, a criminal who had stopped to rest for the night on her way back from a Gang Green concert, her van filled with stolen goods to be pawned. The van suddenly topples over as a surge of green energy engulfs it. Inside, a young Lavalamp named Stewart awakens to find his back glowing and a sense of unease as he hears movement from beneath a pile of stolen knick-knacks. In a moment of panic, he explodes in flames, breaking through the back window and running away as the van burns to ashes. Harmony watches the destruction with a detached shrug before sauntering into the mall, uncaring of the consequences of her actions.
The passion of a true sports fan is reflected in the age-old tradition of showing support for their team through the use of a large foam hand with an extended index finger. However, in the town of Silverdale, where none of the football teams were even close to the top 10, sales of foam hands had been in decline, regardless of the team they represented. Inside Carlton Sports, a sporting goods store in the Silverdale Mall, a display of foam hands sat untouched and gathering dust. But that would all change one fateful evening. The store owner's son, Sammy Carlton, had left the lid off of the jar of his pet frog Tilman, and the frog had escaped into the store. But the energy found Tilman, and suddenly the frog was supporting a team that no one else would. Perhaps Tilman will support your team too.
The Taco Stop at the Silverdale Mall was one of the few places that had its own seating, due to the complaints of the custodial staff about the unsanitary meat droppings on the floor. Patrons didn't seem to care about the meat quality, but one frequent visitor, a stray tabby cat named Val, was particularly fond of the tacos. It was on this particular evening that Val, after consuming a large amount of taco meat, suddenly transformed into a taco-bodied creature, a "Tacocat." As she perched atop a counter, she surveyed the chaos emerging in the food court, hearing frightened animal sounds and faint human chatter in the distance. But what caught her attention was a strange, guttural creature standing before her. Before she could get a good look at it, she was suddenly encased in a crystal, frozen in place. But she could still see the creature, and she knew she had to warn others if she ever escaped.
In the back room of Cooper's Pet Shop, there was an enormous tank that was often used to hold rescued sea-life, particularly sea turtles that were commonly found in the area due to illegal practices of the tortoise shell trade that had been banned in the 1970s. One such turtle, Erma, was swimming in the tank, awaiting transport to a reserve. But on this particular night, an energy fused Erma with a purple kite, allowing her to fly out of the tank. She screamed with excitement as she flew through the mall, her string trailing behind her. The string caught on a table, causing Erma to crash down on a group of Nemots. They angrily surrounded her as she apologized profusely. But she was able to regain her aerial position and swooped in to attack them. Although she always felt remorse after each attack, she knew that her new gift was best used to avoid confrontations and strike quickly.