The Nemots storyline will stretch over several seasons following twists and turns in the journey as players are introduced to new creatures, characters, protagonists and secret reveals.

Season 1: Silverdale Mall


Welcome to Munson, ID, a sleepy town where the only thing that ever happens is nothing. It's 1987, and on one warm summer evening, as the Silverdale Mall closes down, a powerful force from the celestials is hurtling directly towards it. A ragtag group of teens brought together by fate and guided by the eerie ‘Radio,’ must practice a mysterious card game of wild creatures, known as "Nemots," and earth-shattering spells to prepare for battle against a malevolent evil alien known as ‘he who undoes.’ Will they be able to save their town from the relentless forces of evil? Join them as they summon fierce beasts, cast powerful spells and duel in a desperate attempt to save not only the mall but the fate of the world.
Save the mall.
Save them all.
The Nemots is a collectible card game that allows players to own their cards and other in-game assets, providing the ability to trade, sell, and rent their assets. With stunning graphics, strategic gameplay, and a unique blend of mystery, horror, and intrigue, The Nemots immerses players in a captivating storyline, where they can collect and use a wide variety of unique creatures (called “Nemots”) and powerful spells to create the perfect battle deck.


Preston Dash

Preston, the privileged offspring of the affluent proprietor of Silverdale Mall, possesses a mysterious and ancient tome passed down through the generations of his family. This enigmatic book purports to foretell the fate of its owner, yet certain pages remain ominously missing. On the fateful night in question, Preston delves into the final missing page, his actions thereafter unwritten and uncertain. As he ponders whether he is fulfilling a predestined demise or merely postponing it, the book continues to grow, adding yet more pages to the tale of his destiny.
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