Income Flows

The Nemots is a game that offers a unique economic system.
The Nemots is a game that offers a unique economic system. Instead of relying solely on one-time revenue from the initial purchase, the game has a variety of monetised content and paid features that will be released over time. This will not only enhance the gaming experience for players but also provide a sustainable source of income for the project. The primary revenue streams for the project include:
  • Sale of decks, cards, upgrades, and other resources in the in-game marketplace. In order to be able to play, players can either choose the free starter deck and work their way up the ranks in order to earn, or purchase at least one deck of cards from the in-game marketplace. Our team will release new decks, cards, and other items on a regular basis to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with additional resources to increase their chances of winning. These resources will primarily be issued as tokens, with ownership fully assigned to the buyers
  • Additional seasons and extras: New seasons will be introduced to follow the unique storyline plus hidden extras to retain existing and attract new players to the game
  • Money raised from pack sales: Money raised from pack sales will flow directly into the game economy
  • Buyback and Burn: If the $NTCG reserve pool is substantial enough to pay for players, we will utilise the revenue earned from stables or $BNB, $MATIC or $OAS to buy back and burn $NTCG
  • Release of limited-supply card collections, which will attract attention to the game and raise funds for operations, marketing, and team member rewards
  • Resale of our game resources and collections on third-party websites
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities, which will be natively integrated and relevant to our audience
  • Physical and digital goods sales
Overall, as the gaming economy grows, our income will grow alongside it.