What is the Nemots TCG?
The Nemots is a digital trading card game that utilises blockchain technology, allowing players to own and trade unique, non-fungible cards.
How do I get started with The Nemots?
To get started with The Nemots, go to the website ( and create an account. Then, you will need to buy some $NTCG, the main currency of the game to purchase card packs and participate in tournaments.
What are the basic rules of The Nemots?
The basic rules of The Nemots include a player starting with a deck of 40 cards, and taking turns to play cards and attack the opponent's Crystals or Nemots.
How do I build my collection of cards?
To build your collection of cards in The Nemots, you can purchase card packs using in-game currency, earn cards through gameplay, or trade with other players on the marketplace.
How do I improve my chances of winning in The Nemots?
To improve your chances of winning in The Nemots, you can evaluate and improve your deck, learn strategies and techniques from other players, and participate in tournaments to gain experience.
How do I trade cards with other players?
To trade cards with other players in The Nemots, you can use the secure marketplace available with the game.
How do I level up my cards?
To level up your cards in The Nemots, you need to sacrifice other cards to gain experience points. Once the card has enough experience points, it will level up and gain new abilities.
How do I earn rewards in The Nemots?
You can earn rewards in The Nemots by playing matches, winning tournaments, and completing daily quests.
How do I participate in tournaments?
You can participate in tournaments in The Nemots by purchasing tournament tickets using in-game currency, or by earning them through gameplay. Tournaments will be available starting at the end of Season 1.
What is the maximum number of cards in a deck?
You need to have 40 cards in your deck.
What blockchains will The Nemots be available?
The Nemots will be available on Binance (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Ethereum and Oasys.
What platforms will The Nemots be available?
The Nemots will be available on Mobile (iOS/Android) and Desktop (PC/Mac). Please see the roadmap for release dates.