Economic Sustainability

The Nemots is an innovative collectible card game that rewards players for their time and effort spent within the game and its ecosystem.
The game economy is controlled by players and based on valuable assets. Players can earn money through the Enjoy and Earn mechanic, which sets the game apart from others in the genre and supports the game without being crucial to its success.
Players can also sell game resources on secondary markets for real money or use them to increase their chances of winning tournaments and earning more money.
The game developers generate income through owning $NTCG tokens and other sources. The game will be supported through additional features such as new game modes, card collections, a rating system, and esports events.
The token supply will be released gradually as the game becomes more popular, and the developers will carefully consider changes to the project to avoid excessive inflation or premature price jumps. The team is prepared for rapid growth and will ensure technical support, high user retention, and liquidity through trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. A mobile version of the game and paid user acquisition will also be implemented to attract a large audience and promote the brand through partnerships, influencers, and organic engagement.
The long-term sustainability of the game economy will be ensured by introducing new features such as:
  • New game modes
  • Unique game resources
  • Limited-edition card collections
  • An improved rating system to motivate players to participate in tournaments
Additionally, hosting esports events with significant prize pools will also contribute to the growth of the game economy.
Our team is committed to maintaining constant and rapid growth for the game. This will be achieved by:
  • Constantly scaling the technological platform to handle the increased load on server capacity and number of transactions on the network
  • Implementing the earning and reward mechanics to ensure a high user retention rate, which allows players to own valuable game NFT resources and ERC-20 assets. This encourages players to spend more time in the game, as they will gain more real value from it beyond just entertainment
  • User growth will also be driven by the $NTCG token, which can be used outside of the game and traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, injecting liquidity and attracting new users from related crypto industries
  • Development of a mobile version of the game will also open up a massive audience of gamers and accelerate the game's growth
  • Paid player acquisition, our team will launch an extensive advertising campaign and paid ads on various advertising networks, as well as promote the brand through partnerships, influencers, and organic engagement. A carefully crafted marketing budget will be used to draw attention to the project and collaborate with major players in the gaming industry