Card Rarities

Card Rarities determine how likely a certain card is to be found based upon the orb used to create them, as well as the abilities gained once a certain level is achieved.

Card Rarities

Nemots vary in rarity based on the orb used to create them. The rarest Nemots can gain additional abilities once they achieve a certain level. The rarities are:


These Nemots are the most common. They have no added bonuses and represent core Nemots. Usual Nemots have a black frame.


Not precisely rare and not exactly usual, Unusual Nemots level at just slightly a faster pace than Usual Nemots. They still take Condition Rating (CR) damage at the same speed. Unusual Nemots have a green frame.


Nemots of this rarity have an added bonus to leveling, allowing them to progress faster. They still take CR damage at the same speed as normal, however. Rare Nemots have a blue frame.


These Nemots level up faster than Rare Nemots and take less CR damage. Additionally, they receive half the special bonuses of Legendary Nemots. Epic Nemots have a Silver frame.


Only the rarest Nemots. Legendary Nemots level up the fastest of any Nemots and also take the least amount of CR damage in loses. Additionally, they have special bonuses based upon their level and CR that are added to their stats. Legendary Nemots have a gold frame.

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