Key Team

We are a small, passionate team of game designers, artists, animators, and developers with +30 years of combined experience in gaming, design, art, and film.

Core team members:

Jasper van Ravenzwaaij Chief Executive Officer
Favourite Nemot: Fishlight E-Mail: [email protected]
Sarah West Chief Marketing Officer
Favourite Nemot: Catfee E-Mail: [email protected]
Derek LaPorte Creative Director & Lead Game Designer (ex Aquarius, Singularity, DIGG, and Qualia)
Favourite Nemot: Corndog E-Mail: [email protected]
Irving B. Lead Game Developer Game development and VR
Favourite Nemot: Burgerdog
Benjamin Bauchau Character Artist (ex American Gods) Character Design, R&D.
Favourite Nemot: Lavalamb
Ben RC Background Artist (ex Prince of Persia) Background Art and Design
Favourite Nemot: Blasterduck
Ben Howard Animator - Game animation, Spell Card Art
Favourite Nemot: Scorwam
Julian McClung Advisor (ex Amazon, BBC)
Favourite Nemot: Scorwam
Jamie O’Malley Advisor (ex ING)
Favourite Nemot: Fishlight