Character Lore

Dive into the world of The Nemots and gain a deeper understanding of the cards, and characters:
Ricky Bravo
Ricky Bravo is a man of simple pleasures. As the proprietor of the "KernDawgs" stand, Ricky has only two loves: corndogs and his band ‘Porkchop Karate Punch.’ Often annoyed with snot-nosed kids trying to offer arcade tokens for dogs (he regretfully accepts them...), Ricky longs for the rocker life, but will settle with being a hero if need be.
With his sharp wit and quick tongue, Ricky is a force to be reckoned with. He's not one to suffer fools gladly, and he finds a sly way to have a laugh at those who annoy him. Though he may be stuck behind the counter, he refuses to be defined by it, always pushing for something more, but reliable band members are hard to come by.
He's been known to drop wisdom, like "You can lead a horse to water but you can't drink horse water," reminding those around him to seize the opportunities that come their way. He's not just a man who makes corndogs, he's a man who makes a difference.
Kimiko Walters
Kimiko Walters is a force to be reckoned with. Working tirelessly at the Klaris Boutique, she's always on the go, leaving little time for anything else except for her classes. Her tireless work ethic is matched only by her generosity, as her large extended family and sprawling network of friends can attest. Though she is often met with jokes and teasing, she takes it all in stride, her unwavering spirit and infectious positivity making her the life of any gathering.
But it's not all sunshine and rainbows for Kimiko. Even the darkest of nights can't dim her light, and she's quick to rise to the challenge when faced with adversity. When the Silverdale Mall fell under attack from monstrous aliens, she didn't cower in fear. Instead, she stood tall, her joyous magnetism drawing others to her side as they fought back against the invaders.
For Kimiko, there is no greater joy than giving a gift, and she's not afraid to share that joy with even the most unlikely of recipients. Even in the heat of battle, she'll find a way to spread a little happiness, handing out presents to friend and foe alike. In a world that can be so dark and cruel, Kimiko is a beacon of hope, a shining example of what it truly means to be human.
Preston Dash
Preston, the privileged offspring of the affluent proprietor of Silverdale Mall, possesses a mysterious and ancient tome passed down through the generations of his family. This enigmatic book purports to foretell the fate of its owner, yet certain pages remain ominously missing. On the fateful night in question, Preston delves into the final missing page, his actions thereafter unwritten and uncertain. As he ponders whether he is fulfilling a predestined demise or merely postponing it, the book continues to grow, adding yet more pages to the tale of his destiny.
Following the recent and tragic passing of his father, Preston inherited not only the Dash Estate, but also the ominous tome that has been passed down through his family. He guards the book with great secrecy, often flipping through its pages with a palpable sense of fear in his eyes. Due to his trepidation and the gravity of its contents, he keeps it locked away in a secure safe within the confines of his office at the mall.
However, on the fateful evening in question, as he delves deep into its pages, the tear marks of a missing page become all too apparent. His words, muttered under his breath, are as measured as they are cryptic: " ... pray my actions do not seal my fate in the darkness..."
Mai Keikoa
Mai Keikoa, a brilliant and ambitious student hailing from the small town, stands as the only one to ever attend the prestigious State Science Fair. With a penchant for electronics and a proclivity for building various gadgets, she takes great pride in her expertise and intelligence. After devising a powerful two-way radio transmitter, she begins to hear a mysterious voice, which she dubs "Radio," that speaks to her in coded messages.
On the night of the incident, having deciphered a cryptic riddle, Mai arrives at the Silverdale Mall. Armed with her intellect, quick wit, incredible inventions, and guidance from Radio, Mai is ready for any challenge that may arise, so long as she has her trusty glasses by her side.