Abilities on a card represent unique bonuses brought to the battle by that card.


Several different abilities belong to certain Nemot cards. Each Nemot has two random abilities based on animal (synthesize or loop ability) and inanimate object (blaze ability) combinations. Additionally, each card has a third ability that remains hidden until unlocked through levelling up.

Synthesize Abilities

These abilities are one-time use and only happen when synthesizing the Nemot (upon dropping it onto the board for the first time). These abilities are usually more powerful than Blazed abilities, but can only be used once.

Loop Abilities

These abilities activate after the Nemot is synthesized and continue as long as the Nemot remains on the board. These abilities are usually not as powerful as normal synthesize abilities, but gain power over time depending on board state.

Blaze Abilities

These abilities can be used when the ability bar is full (referred to as β€˜Blazed!’). The rate at which the bar fills is determined by a Nemot's Speed stat. These abilities are usually less powerful than one-time use, but their consistency can be affected by increasing speed on the Nemot.

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